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Today celebrating 50 years of Women in Tennis starting with the original 9 @BillieJeanKing & crew who created WTA Tour! Read Forbes list of top Women in Sports 9/10 Tennis Players & how they owe so much to these disruptors! click article open

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The Love & Love Tennis Foundation would like to wish all Fathers a “HAPPY FATHERS DAY”.

In these crazy times it’s nice to know that fathers are there for their children and loved ones. One thing that this Coronavirus has accomplished is that it has brought families together to spend quality time as a unit. It has taught us to be more caring and compassionate and to reflect on the good things in life we have had and others not.

I know that for many, these times have also been very challenging and difficult, especially not knowing the future or what it will bring.  For all our tennis fans who love tennis and can now get on the court and play or turn the tv on and watch it on the Tennis Channel….enjoy! I didn’t know how much I missed tennis until we were not allowed to play and the courts were locked out. These last 3 months have been a re-awakening of how much I love tennis and miss not watching it on TV or being at tournaments.

This year The Original 9 were to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of starting women’s professional tennis, the Virginia Slims Tour and fighting for equality in the 70’s. There were invitations and special celebrations planned from all the Grand Slams and WTA but unfortunately the unplanned Coronavirus out staged us. We are hopeful that we will be able to celebrate and come together to enjoy each other and our accomplishments in 2021.

The Love & Love Tennis Foundation has been on hold and not able to work with kids to share with them the love of tennis. We miss our normalcy and hope that we will be able to come back to it soon. I know we are beginning to wake up and I know we are all looking forward to learning how to live in this new world.

Thank you again for all your support and please stay healthy and safe until we will once again rise!!



The foundation wishes to thank those who have supported and made contributions to our foundation. We are working to get back to promoting kids and tennis in the Coachella Valley.

The Love & Love Tennis Foundation is making a difference!


Rosie Casals


Tory Fretz
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Rosie Casals


Tory Fretz