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We would like to wish you all a Happy Mother’s day and Memorial day weekend.

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Welcome to the 

Love & Love Tennis Foundation

We are thrilled to be able to share our goals and vision with all of you who enjoy playing Tennis or just spectating.  When we started the Love & Love Tennis Foundation in 2015, Tory Fretz and I wanted to find a way to give back to our sport and to our community, especially to the kids here in the valley. Tennis has been a way of life for both Tory and I and it has given us many wonderful years of traveling and competing all over the world. Even now in the twilight of our lives tennis is still the focus that drives us to set and achieve goals. We would like to share with you the many good things that tennis has given us by getting kids to learn to play tennis.

As a new-comer the Love & Love Tennis Foundation has established itself as a “shaker and mover” in the Coachella Valley.  We  continue to work with the Boys & Girls Clubs, The Coachella Valley Housing Coalition, A.S.E.S. Program (after school tennis program), the NJTL and other grass roots organizations that promote the growth of youth tennis.

In 2017 we launched the free KIDS LOVE TENNIS CLINICS for kids 3-10 years old and were very successful with the program and look to expand it in 2019. We are currently talking with the Desert Recreation District who is responsible for all recreational sports in the desert, to assist them  in re-establishing their tennis programs in the valley.

The Love & Love Tennis Foundation has raised over $160,000 in the past 4 years. 2018 was a great year for us thanks to special donors who generously stepped up to help the foundation. The Love & Love Tennis Foundation would like to thank our special friends: Gary & Barbara Tolman, Jim Citrin, Billie Jean King, Ilana Kloss, Tory Fretz, Chrissie Evert, Martina Navratilova and many others who have been instrumental in helping us grow.  

In order for us to continue to reach out to more kids we really need more volunteer instructors. We have had some wonderful volunteers who have been helping all year on and off the court.  I would like to thank them for all their hard work and time they’ve given the foundation and kids.

Our goal is to get as many kids playing tennis as possible throughout the Coachella Valley through our foundation and the KIDS LOVE TENNIS CLINIC” PROGRAM.


Rosie Casals
Tory Fretz

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